Do you read my blog on your phone?

One of my followers noticed trouble with reading my blog on the mobile phone. I checked my settings and my theme were set as mobile friendly.

I asked WP support, what may causing the trouble. I got this answer.

Anyone else have problems with reading my blog on the phone?
Please let me know.

I want my blog to reach everybody, not just computer readers, ipad readers or phone readers. Everybody should have equally access to read and participate, I think.

Happy blogging!



35 comments on “Do you read my blog on your phone?

  1. Although I do not even have a mobile phone, let alone read blogs on it, I appreciate the thoughtfulness displayed by putting up a post like this – identifying a problem, locating a solution and sharing it all 🙂

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  2. I read it on my phone often. If I want to comment or like it asks me to resign into my account. I do and it lets me comment or Like.

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  3. The Like button can only be clicked by WP subscribers. I have a lot of friends who do not have WP accounts but read my pieces on a daily basis (followed via email). They just hit the “Rate This” thingy (the one with 5 yellow stars found just below each post).
    I read and like your posts on any of my gadgets (Android phone, iPod, MacBook) without a problem. And I’m not even using the WP App. *Pling!

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