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Singel eller gift/gravel or poison -single or married?

In Sweden we have words with different meaning. The word för single is the same as for gravel. To be married is the same word as poison.

In this drawing I make fun of this double meaning.

How do we value singles and married people? Equal or different?
Vi har roliga ord i Sverige med olika betydelser.

T ex den mycket vanliga frågan singel eller gift?
I den här bilden ser vi ett gruslass under pågående dumpning och en flaska gift.
Ni får själva tolka in dubbelbetydelsen i denna teckning om ni vill.

Hur ser vi på singelskap och äktenskap? Ser vi de livsformerna som likvärdiga eller lyfter vi fram det ena före det andra?


24 thoughts on “Singel eller gift/gravel or poison -single or married?”

  1. Well, any good quality poison is more expensive than gravel. Hmmm I’ve known some fairly poisonous folks both married and single though so I suppose the argument could go either way.

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  2. Actually, I believe you will find most languages have words with more than one meaning. Here in France, pêché is a peach, but is also fishing and with a change of a single accent, péché is sin…

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  3. Great story and I am sure many broken hearts would agree.
    Chinese is a great language for words with double, triple, quadruple meanings, (mā 妈 = mother; mǎ 马 = horse; mà 骂 = to swear; mā 蚂 = dragonfly – note this has the same tone as mother so only in writing and by context in the spoken can you tell the difference!) I love Mandarin it’s a great language to know.
    Thanks again

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