You guys have far more interesting content than whats on my TV. I stopped watch TV some years ago, there was nothing to see and my art work took over and wanted my tv-time. I didn’t mind really.
But now I have found a new “TV”. That’s you my wp friends. I often get stuck in front of my ipad at evening. Forget about time and space. I zap on my “remote control” to change blog. The difference is that you guys always have something interesting to say or show, that makes me think new thoughts or gets me new ideas. The old TV didn’t manage to do that for me. You are far better 🙂

I did a digital painting a while ago, that I call TV-sofa.

Now I sit in a WP chair, when I’m spending time in front of my new favourite TV. So please continue to “broadcast” your blogs, I always wanna read more, watch more art and get swept away by lovely poems.

Keep up the blogging!