I ask that question everytime I read a post from your blogs.

I really don’t care who you are in the usual meaning, when we ask that kind of questions. You can be who ever you want to be, for all I care.

I want to discover you through your words, through your pictures, through your thoughts and ideas.

The inside you is much more interesting than the outside you, for me. It’s from the inside all of your creativity is coming, and I’m all for creativity!

Your blogs inspire me in different ways. I cannot tell you in what way for each blog. They’re all mixed up in my creative mind.

I’ve learned that I cannot decide if a blog is worth following or not until I follow it. And so far no blog, that I pressed follow button on, has disappointed me.

I don’t always agree with you, I don’t always like all posts, but I want to keep following anyway.

Following isn’t about finding and reading blogs you always like. Following is about learning about the world we all live in.
If I would listen/read only to people I almost always agree with or the ones who always like what I do or say, then I would get bored really quick. Or get really dumb because I never would learn something new.

I like the mix that your blogs provide me with. I seldom get bored when I open my reader in the “blogs I follow” section.

On the other hand. Your posts are so much interesting reading that I don’t have much time over for finding new blogs. So I if you want me to find you outside the “blogs I follow” area, then leave a comment or like one or two of my posts. Then I will see you 😉

For those of you that I already follow, I see you through my reader everytime you post, if I’m online.

I’ve made a new category called “Blogging/Bloggande” where you can find previous posts in similar issues.
Till mina svenska läsare: om ni inte orkar läsa detta på engelska får ni säga till. Då gör jag en svenskspråkig version särskilt till er 🙂