You and me

I found a painting in my “not yet finished” work corner. I suddenly noticed that it was finished.

To people with different hight, age or something else that differ them. But I think they have a soulmate thing between them.

Maybe you see something else in the painting. Let us all know if you want to share your thoughts 🙂

You and me/Du och jag


37 comments on “You and me

  1. I see 2 things:
    1. Older person asking younger “shall we dive in?” Younger person answering enthusiastically “yes!”
    2. Big person has an answer for the small person’s question. And then small person has an answer for the big person’s question. No one knows everything 🙂

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  3. Your paintings and postings are always a lot of fun to see. You definitely are doing this even more than I am. I do try but you are truly inspirational.

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