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The Talk


The talk

I visit my friend Melanies blog and got angry. Not at her but at Mr (or Mrs or Miss or whatever) Big shot up there, who is supposed to watch over us.

Read her two post and you will get angry too and get tears in your eyes at the same time for love of Melanie and her family.

I miss laughing… Dear Life,

How much can one person take? What’s going on…

Give Melanie a break! I wanted to scream out up in the big air to be heard. I did it, but in my drawing way.

So here’s one more drawing for Melanies fight against everything that threaten her life from go on as usual.

I gave her millions of hugs and now I give her this drawing.

No one should have to put up with so much at the same time.

So I tried to have a talk with the super power who people says rules everything 🙂

Lets see how that works.


10 thoughts on “The Talk”

  1. I’m just speechless! Anna, you’ve once again illustrated my life and feelings PERFECTLY.



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  2. I think it’s not really whoever’s up there’s fault? It is whatever is on planet earth and up there somewhere they are looking down and hurting for us too? What whoever’s up there can do is to give us faith and inner peace when we are suffering and asking for help?

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  3. Hello Anna! Ett ord som du behöver förklara för mig igen!
    Jag sa till min lärare att jag vill göra självmord då sa min lärare att det är så löjligt när du säger så där. Vad betyder det löjlig?
    Approve inte den kommentaren här snälla. Skicka det till min epost. Skulle fråga det på din epost men hittar inte det. Förlåt igen föratt störa dig med såna frågor. Men vill veta vad min lärare menade. 😯


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