Jim at Random Writings on the Bathroom Wall write in his posts about the flag stats fascination. You find the countries stats at your admin page. A map and a list with flags and countries. I agree, it’s fascinating to see how visitors comes from all over the world to your blog. Maybe just for a short visit or for long reads.

I clicked on the total country stats for my blog and I found amazingly many countries and flags in the list. The flags are beautiful, everyone of them!

Which flag is yours? Where you from? Please tell me and the readers in the comments if you like.

This is kind of a meet & greet opportunity. Please visit each others blogs and help your blogfellows to collect flags from all over the world in our stats.

Jim at Random Writings on the Bathroom Wall inspired me to this post, so please visit his blog and leave a flag mark.

You have to visit blogs through browser. I don’t think reading posts through reader leaves marks in the stats.

Good luck with collecting flag marks in your stats.
Is it anybody who has colors all over the world map?


Country stats total 20150813
Country stats total 20150813