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Does flowers makes you happy?

It’s amazing how nature can make you happy only by being there in front of your very eyes.

This red flowers got my attention the other day. They really made me smile and feel joy and gratitude.

After a winter and a cold Spring theese red beauties show up in garden and they don’t run away and hide from me when I look at them.

They don’t demand things from me, they don’t yell at me, they don’t tell me to hurry up. They just standing there, in silence and live their short lives.

Absolutely wonderful 🙂

I can even talk to them if I want. Maybe they answer?



23 thoughts on “Does flowers makes you happy?”

        1. Other things in nature I can watch for hours and hours. This time of the year it’s really natures kindergarten. Lot’s of cute animal kids. I never get tired at watching them.

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