Do this but don’t do this

I read a post over at Sonofabeach96

One of those days

And that made me draw todays inktober picture.

It say’s DO this but don’t DO this.

If someone offer you a helping hand, don’t eat it!!!
You might be needing more help and if you eat the helping hand there will be no helping hand the next time you need help.

If someone offer you help, take it and pay it forward or pay it back by help the helping person when it’s the other way around.

That isn’t hard to understand I think, but I’ve noticed too many times when people don’t seems to get that.

I think all of you understand this, you are all very helpful and kind here on wp. Give Sonofabeach96 a visit and read his posts. He rocks!

He gives us songs for each day, and I really want to give him a song right now, but my head is totally blank! Gaaaaaaa