Trosa paintings/Trosamåleri

Julaftons fyr Trosa archipelago


Our most photographed object in Trosa archipelago. A lighthouse-place we call “Julafton” wich is X-mas eve in english. The legend tells that shipwrecked were nearby and got rescued, one Christmas eve and since then, the lighthouse is called Julafton (Christmas eve). In this painting it is winter as you can see 😉


26 thoughts on “Julaftons fyr Trosa archipelago”

      1. I was going to ask you which Medium this is. I sometimes use wax zooms with coloured pencils over the top, also water colour pencils, I find they give quivker access to colour than tubes of Acryic. ( My wife and I are taking lessons in Acrylics but I am preferring Pencil or water)

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        1. I know what you mean. I try paint with acrylics and also oil colors, but they take long to dry or doesn’t do as I want them to do. Crayons are a fast way to color and finished paintings. No waiting.

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            1. I have been stumbling around trying to control a stylus on a Tablet – but on the other hand have achieved some pleasing computer graphics that I can print on Art paper and colour.

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            2. Digital painting is fun. The colors never ends and you can erase and paint in layers, but I always returns to paper and brushes, pencils and crayons 🙂

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  1. wonderful. I have read that two of the most famous buildings in your city is the cathedral and the poor house. both are very old. I would love to see you interpretation of them. “pling”

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        1. Trosa Church – Stairways to heaven | FärgaregårdsAnna


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