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Our mathematical universe

I’ve read a really interesting book about our universe. I’m not a Swedish genious like the author Max Tegmark, so I don’t understand all of what he’s saying, but the book is an amazing journey through space and our consciousness. He spins our minds with his words and his thoughts about multiuniverses and I think I can believe a lot of what he’s saying.
The book is called Our mathematical universe, Unser mathematisches universum, Vårt matematiska universum

It’s a scientific Aniara for me. Aniara is a spacedrama written by one of our greatest author Harry Martinsson.

If you can find it in your language, read it. It’s about our todayness and our future. If you want to read it in Swedish you can find it at Litteraturbanken


Lagnö stars (sold)
Lagnö stars (sold)

26 thoughts on “Our mathematical universe”

  1. I love anything about space , you have a nice piece here… hope you dont mind checking out my work im sure you would find it interesting 😛


  2. Anna I was going to mention this yesterday. Since you seemingly updated your app you no longer have any share buttons, a like or a reblog button.

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    1. Gaaaaaahhhhh, wp!!!!! What are they doing! I have to check this out. I’m from stoneage, so this setting thing is sometimes difficult to understand, but I will check this out. I want everything to be as before!

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      1. I know the feeling all new things, updates etc are supposed to be better and they are not. I have had issues with WP as most can’t see my reblog and it is a known issue. Plus my phone and computer issues. Makes it easy to SMH.

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    2. Check my latest post. I got an answer from wp. I have fixed it on some posts, but I need more time to check them all. Thanks for telling me 🙂

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      1. You ae welcome and in my instances a tech says they see it at let’s say 1 pm then do not later in the day. I was told to change my theme and did so wasting 2 plus hours using the blogs that always have the buttons able and none worked for me using many browsers and my settings are correct.

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          1. It is ridiculous. I get asked for all of the versions of my browsers, if they havee java and cookies enabled and to take a screenshot from my phone and send it back to them. I tell them my phone has a default in Safari and that is the only place my reblog is seen. Any other browser it is not except occasionally Firefox on my computer. I use FF daily and I see everyone else who had a reblog button but I can’t see mine.

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