We all need castles sometimes

Jim is feeding us with castle pics at Random Writings on the bathroom wall. Thumbups comment in the castle post made me do this drawing.

I thought someone should give Thumpup a image sometime. She give us so much images in the comments that make us smile and laugh and think.

So I drew a castle to Thumbup. Then I thought, we all need a castle of our own sometimes. A place where we rule totally. Where we are the king or queen. Where we decide everything. No one can tell us what we should and shouldn’t do.

A place where we can be whoever we want. We can laugh, cry, get angry, yell or sigh, sleep or have a party. What ever comes to our mind to do. A place where we can find peace and inspiration.

What do you all say? Do you want a castle of your own sometimes?



22 comments on “We all need castles sometimes

  1. :pling!: that castle is my new phone wallpaper 😊

    I was just thinking about that today, how fortunate I am to have a place (technically) all my own. where you don’t have to feel bad about being yourself. thanks again for a beautiful entry! 😘

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  2. That’s so killer! I’m in! I need a fortress! One that keeps me locked away from my nutty life lol! Thumbup, you have got yourself one awesome castle there!

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