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Your shadow are… #inktober 22 october 2015

Remember this,
To the bullied:
Your shadow are smaller than You
To the bully:
Your shadow are bigger than You

We are all equal, no one is bigger or smaller than others, we are equal!

The bullied often think less of them selves and the bully think far to much of them selves. Or at least they try to act like that. 

Why can’t we all just treat each other equal? It’s the easiest way, I think.


8 thoughts on “Your shadow are… #inktober 22 october 2015”

    1. You are right. But the one being bullied seldom see that. They think they are the smallest one. I never understood the point of treating people different.

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      1. Me either. I was always worried about my Autistic son being potentially bullied because he’s”different”. It’s been quite the opposite though. His classmates treat him great and look after him. Makes me glad we live where we do. 😊


  1. You are so right, Anna. It makes me sad to think of children today being bullied. Years ago when I was in school there was very little bullying. A sad state of affairs for today’s school kids.

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    1. It seems to be the same here in Sweden. In my days at school back in the 80’s it was nice for almost everyone in school. Or maybe we didn’t see it.

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