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Lack of time? Repost!

I think we all find moments when we don’t have enough time to write new posts every hour, day or even week.

Some of your post probably stand the test of time. They’re not expired. Why not repost them?

I’ve tried this for a while now and it works. Not every reader and visitor have read all posts I wrote and originally posted. But when I repost them by setting a new publish time in the settings for the post they find it.

We all read posts at different times during the day. We live in different time zones and we have different reading habits.

We also read posts different. Some of us read the post through the reader app, the webb reader or the webb version of every blog.

We search and find posts differently too.

So, when you repost your post at different times of the day, you will catch new readers and even followers. Your post will show up several times in the reader flow for those, who follow you there.

But this repost method can scare your email-followers away. I think they get a new email for every repost and I can understand that’s irritating.

But if your registered on WP you can turn email notifications of in your reading/following settings. Then the blogs you follow only turns upp in the reader.

I didn’t come up with this idea my self, I’m not that smart. I studied OM at HarshReaLiTy and wanted to try this repost thing my self.

I do still write new posts among my repost and I hope I soon get more time to write new posts more often.



37 thoughts on “Lack of time? Repost!”

    1. It’s a good way to catch some extra likes, but it gets messy in the notifications. Lots of likes but harder to keep comments in order. I maybe go back to my one post a day technique, we’ll see.


      1. I do not think there is any way to change this. It is a shame WordPress doesn’t allow you to follow (1) All posts, or (2) Only new posts.
        I wouldn’t worry too much about this Anna – it is only one person’s opinion 🙂 And I will still look forward to new posts AND old posts 🙂

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        1. Thanks. But I will keep searching for a way around this. I like solving problems. And I agree, wp should do something about this. Reading blogs should be easy, not irritating 😉


  1. Thanks for following my blog.
    I don’t post often, as there are so many wonderful things to do.
    There is never a dull moment as that is the moment I do a post.
    Hoping my post shows others the way to enjoy life.
    Hope it brings you joy as your blog has helped me.

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  2. Since I have had both blogs for three and a half years, I know there are quite a few posts that few if any have ever seen. It is rare that someone goes back that far. I have re-posted a few times, but rarely. Perhaps I shall think about trying it again?

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    1. I try to schedule reposts at different time of the day. I notice that the blog world sleeps at different hours. I have morning, daytime and nighttime readers. When I repost I choose another time of the day than originally, then new readers see the post for the first time.

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  3. You studied well Anna, Opinionated Man does reposts quite often and he picks up new views and followers doing that, I’m sure you’ll be seeing the good results as well.

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    1. Thanks! It also helps when wp app is bad in upload images to new posts. Then I can reuse old posts instead where images is already uploaded.

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  4. I’ve tried reposting and I can definitely say it works. Don’t forget about putting new content up though, you’d miss the fun of writing new posts and being able to publish them.

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  5. I just discovered your blog. This post is significant to me because due to poor health I have discontinued posting. I was thinking about re-posting some of the past posts – but I was concerned that it would be cheating. You now have put my mind at ease and I thank you. Vera

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