Trosa is the place, Trosa paintings/Trosamåleri

Swedish Sea Rescue Societys in Trosa

This is how Trosa harbor looks like when the rescue boats are not out on rescue missions.

I painted this a couple of years ago and gave it to Trosa Swedish Rescue Societys to show appreciation for their volunteers work.

You can read more here:

In English | Sjöräddningssällskapet
” We save lives at sea with no government funding. In case of alarm, the Swedish Sea Rescue Societys volunteers are set to depart within 15 minutes, at any time, in any weather – 24 hours a day.”

Sjöräddningen i Trosa

Jag har fångat Trosa sjöräddningsstation på en målning jag gjorde för några år sedan. Jag skänkte målningen till SSRS Trosa för att visa uppskattning för deras livsviktiga frivilliginsatser.

Läs mer:

Trosa | Sjöräddningssällskapet

Trosa harbor, Swedish Sea Rescue Societys, Sjöräddningssällskapet

18 thoughts on “Swedish Sea Rescue Societys in Trosa”

  1. So vibrant Anna! How generous of you to give it to them. Here in France our fire and rescue workers, outside of Paris and a few other main cities, are all volunteer. We owe them so much! 🙂

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