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She said no! #inktober 28 october 2015


Thumbup’s post:

It’s melting! It’s melting! If all the ice melts.

and other stop destroying our planet thoughts made me do this drawing.

Mother Earth is as fragile as any human being. Why can’t we understand that?


30 thoughts on “She said no! #inktober 28 october 2015”

  1. Excellent post – and appropriate that ti should come from Sweden, home of Svante Arrhenius, who was the first person to acknowledge the possibility of human made global warming as long ago as 1896 (no that is not a typo – I really did mean 1896).

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    1. Thanks. We should be wiser in Sweden than we are. We can’t say we didn’t know about the global warming effects until yesterday. We have known this for more than hundred years!

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          1. It’s kind of odd, I would think that more of the central US would be gone because of the Mississippi and the Great Lakes, not that I want to lose my beachfront 🙂 It is still very interesting

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            1. I wonder what happens to the deserts. With lots af more water, can the deserts starts to go green again?


    1. Thank you. My sketch pens almost run out of ink though. I say to my self, don’t draw pictures with dark background when you’re out of ink. But what do I do…I draw pictures with black background!

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  2. I really like your post Anna, and you are 100% right about destroying our planet, but the fact is that no one is going to stop. People live for the moment, so our days are numbered, sorry to say

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    1. You might be right on that. But I try in my little corner of the world to raise my voice to stop our local madness that’s not helping the nature.


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