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Are you for real?

Léa over at
said in a comment that her head is a scary place.

My head is a scary place too. I had the most terrible dream the other night. You were not for real! All of you turned out to be just images, icons, stickers, cartoon figures. Not real persons. Someone had tricked me to believe you were for real.

When I was about to do as I always do when I have time, visiting your blogs, answering your comments. All the gravatars just flown away lika a piece of paper and there was nothing left behind. Like there were never a real person behind those gravatars. I was so sad, I felt like I had lost every one of you.

Please tell me this was all a bad dream and that you all are for real!

You see, my head can be a really scary place sometimes 🙂



26 thoughts on “Are you for real?”

  1. Yup, I’m real. This kind of situations is a little dehumanizing. I’m sitting at my computer in Canada and you are sitting at your computer in Sweden. Somebody had to create those paintings and type those words.


  2. IAM very real… Even the scary dark parts of me that I have learned to embrace and release when necessary… Here’s to a few nice dreams and thanks for caring… You’re great… Barbara x

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