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I live in Thong!

Now you will never forget the name of my town 😉
In Swedish my town is called Trosa and that’s also our word for thong. You can surely imagine how many jokes about that we have heard through the years when we tell about the name of our town.

Thumbup, who was kind to translate some of my Swedish posts, gave me the idea to this post. 

When you Googletranslate my posts about my town, you get the Thong-word instead of the name of my town.

But, that detail made Thumbup thinking of a song and I thought -great, my town has a song 🙂

You can watch it here:

The Thong song

So now you know 🙂


Trosa Sweden
Trosa Sweden

Trosa – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


35 thoughts on “I live in Thong!”

  1. LOL – that’s funny! There is a town in Pennsylvania, here in the USA, named “Intercourse.” There are a lot of funny names of cities and towns all over the world, it seems…

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    1. Yes it does. We have a little village called ” the loneliness” in north of Sweden, in Swedish ” Ensamheten”. I like that name.


  2. Love the painting, love the thong song and the name of your town….just made my day…Hope you having a beautiful day in Thong 🙂

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  3. When I was in Orkney, I stumbled across a place called Twatt. Not sure if that means anything in Sweden, but it’s not such a nice word in English (with only one ‘t’ at then end). The younger ones were having photos taken next to the place name, but for the locals I suspect it is tiresome.

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    1. I can understand them. When I was a kid lots of other kids outside our town thought we had a hilarious name on our town. We kids didn’t think so, but now, as a adult you don’t hear so much laughter about the town name. But many remember our town name when they hear the name 🙂


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