I hear you

What do you think this fly on the wall hear?
In Swedish we have the expression “en fluga på väggen” a fly on the wall, who can hear everything in a room. Maybe that’s the same in english?

We say: I wish I could be a fly on the wall so I can hear what they say without them knowing I’m in the room.

I did a painting on this theme and called it “I hear you, Jag lyssnar”

I wanted to send a message to the beholder that you’re not alone. I listen if you need someone who listen or a more mean message to mean people, I hear you, don’t go doing something wrong.

But I like the kind message better 🙂

So, what do you think this fly hear?

I hear you/Jag lyssnarAnna



30 comments on “I hear you

  1. It’s always interesting to hear other people’s conversations, but sometimes afterwards you wish you hadn’t listened in! I find people are sometimes more honest and open if the conversation is only with one other person and no one else (even a fly!) is listening.

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  2. Personally I think the fly would say – “Please don’t squash me. I’m just waiting for you to leave so I can drink your coffee and nibble on your open sandwich.” 😉

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