oil paintings

I hear you

What do you think this fly on the wall hear?
In Swedish we have the expression “en fluga på väggen” a fly on the wall, who can hear everything in a room. Maybe that’s the same in english?

We say: I wish I could be a fly on the wall so I can hear what they say without them knowing I’m in the room.

I did a painting on this theme and called it “I hear you, Jag lyssnar”

I wanted to send a message to the beholder that you’re not alone. I listen if you need someone who listen or a more mean message to mean people, I hear you, don’t go doing something wrong.

But I like the kind message better 🙂

So, what do you think this fly hear?

I hear you/Jag lyssnarAnna


30 thoughts on “I hear you”

  1. It’s always interesting to hear other people’s conversations, but sometimes afterwards you wish you hadn’t listened in! I find people are sometimes more honest and open if the conversation is only with one other person and no one else (even a fly!) is listening.

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  2. Personally I think the fly would say – “Please don’t squash me. I’m just waiting for you to leave so I can drink your coffee and nibble on your open sandwich.” 😉

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    1. And it would probably hear you saying – “I know you’re just waiting for me to leave so I’m going to eat my sandwich, drink my coffee and wash the dish and cup so there’s nothing for you to eat. Then you’ll leave (because you’re hungry) and I wont have to squash you.”

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