Time hunting, What ever

Race against time – Tidsrace

Can we ever be number one in the race against time? Or does time always gonna be ahead of us?

Are we like the hare? Running without realizing that the time always will catch up no matter how long the race is and no matter how fast we run?

Are time our tortoise?

Are time wiser than we are?

When will we start to do as the tortoise?
Slow down and stop running?

I like tortoise tempo, that suits me very well.

Kommer vi någonsin att springa ifrån tiden, som en hare i tidsracet? Eller kommer tiden alltid att ligga före oss vid målgången?

Är tiden en sköldpadda?

Är tiden visare (hihi) än vi?

När ska vi börja göra som sköldpaddan?
Sakta ner och sluta springa som harar?

Jag gillar sköldpaddans tempo. Det passar mig utmärkt.


Tidsrace/Race against Time

17 thoughts on “Race against time – Tidsrace”

  1. It’s strange how time seems to go at different speeds. When I was younger time went very slowly, now it often goes too fast. When I’m bored time goes very slowly, when I’m interested in something time flies. Sometimes times goes quickly for one person and goes fast for someone else in the same room. We don’t treat time very well – I see people rush from work home and then sit in front of the TV all evening.
    Maybe the tortoise has time to appreciate its life (but then again, maybe it is very bored and frustrated with how slowly time goes hehe).

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  2. Your drawings and paintings are simply stunning and of course the poetic lines you write along with them…
    the two simply blend together beautifully to give a beautiful artwork 🙂
    Actually my area of interest being movies, I’d love to see you create some movie posters, or even minimalist posters 🙂

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