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Do you remember the film Wargames, where the defcon levels had a big impact on the drama?

This evening Swedish security police held a press conference where they told us about a higher risk of terror attacks. Their scale are 1-5, where 1 is no threat and 5 is very high risk. They have worked on the third level since 2010 and today they changed it to 4, which means a higher risk than before, but not as high as level 5.

This head news for today is difficult to understand. The world has gone mad. I don’t think I ever can understand why every human being don’t want to live in peace.

I’m a grown up with a child brain and eyes looking at parents in divorce wonder why grownups can’t stop fighting and make peace forever.

We are spoiled in Sweden, we’ve lived in peace for 200 years, but now the world outside is closing in and we are a part of the unsecurity we all are aware of.

I will always wonder why all of us, world citizens can’t leave each other alone and live in peace.

To listen to the news today was weird. The 80’s movie drama is today reality, but not in the nuclear war way, but in the terror way.

I wish peace for everyone. Peace in mind, peace in countries, peace for the planet.


19 thoughts on “4!”

  1. OH MY GOD! Damn them motherfuckers! You right! Why can’t people just leave people the fuck alone! You be careful! I don’t fucking like it at all! Pardon my French.

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  2. It truly is a scary time we live in. I have thought before that things were really, really bad – 9-11, Afghanistan or Africa but I watch my Facebook page with horror the way everyone is arguing and finger pointing. I truly fear for my children and their future.

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    1. We humans are not the smartest creatures on earth. We fight each other for stupid reasons instead of devoting all that time to save our planet. It is scary times in many ways. I agree 🙂


  3. Throughout history It has mainly been the politicians/governments/rulers who fuel the warmongering, often for their own gain (for land, oil, minerals, etc). Sometimes complicit in funding, training or providing weapons to another side (who then become ‘terrorists’). I am sure most ordinary people, going about their everyday lives, would rather live in peace. Innocent lives lost to wars, often recorded as ‘collateral damage’, as though that makes it ok. It does seem odd that the way to Peace is most often taken through Wars. So easy for the rich to make up words to cover up what they do: ‘quantitative easing’ (if you owe money.. just print off more… and make the debt disappear. Something ordinary people can’t do or it would be classed as a crime). ‘Collateral damage’ (if innocent people are killed during war… just write it off as ‘collateral damage’… make it seem insignificant).
    There is overkill of ‘media frenzy’ over Paris…yet it forgets all the innocent people who have died, and are still dying, in the Middle East, often due to the intervention of the US and the West. I agree that peace is a wonderful dream. Yet, Paris seems to be turning into a witchhunt. They talk of terrorists yet the images of armed police are threatening.
    Sometimes when they talk of Islam and blame all Muslims… I wonder, when extreme Christians have done some atrocity, did they blame all Christians? When my elderly grandmother was alive, would they have turned up at her church and threatened an elderly lady, hobbling out of church on a walking stick, for being a Christian as retribution? The idea seems laughable. Yet, not so funny when you consider that many ordinary Muslims are being blamed for what extremists do… told that they should do something about it. Why? My elderly grandmother wasn’t expected to do something about extreme Christians.
    By the way, ‘The Scream’, is a perfectly fitting painting in response to the insanity that is happening in this world.

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    1. I agree. War is stupid. No one deserves to die, no matter what side they’re on. No one has the right to kill others. People that die without we getting answers to all questions is a big loss. It’s weird really. Living in peace is the easiest way to live. Still, far too many of us chose to declare war instead and not accept that we are all different but have the same right to live.

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  4. I know Sweden is changing a lot these last years and it is a shock for the country which has been so stable for so many years. Very sad to see. Here in the UK the rating has been one down from critical (your level 5) for years. Unfortunately. Thanks for letting us know as I wouldn’t have seen this news otherwise.

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    1. Yes it’s weird and scary times these days. But also a time for learning to appreciate what we have. Family and friends love and very much freedom still. That’s a strength I think.


  5. Thank you Anna for your calm and caring post. I am a Swede living in England and had not heard
    this news. It is indeed very hard to hear about your peaceful homeland being part of terror.
    As it is sad and beyond understanding for human beings everywhere.

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    1. Thanks. We are in peace still, but there are threats against us obviously. But they say we don’t have to worry and I hope they are right about that.


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