Meet & Greet at 800!

We are now over 800 followers of Annas Art FärgaregårdsAnna. That’s amazingly many, I think.

It’s time for a new meet & greet session. Leave your link to your blog and/or blogs you want to tell other readers about in the comments.

You don’t have to do anything more than leaving a link and some word about the blogs you want us to find.

Have a nice day!

Thank you all for following and reading my blog 💚



75 comments on “Meet & Greet at 800!

  1. I live in a motorhome in Florida, USA in the winter and travel around the US for six months in the summer. I post about weekly in the winter and daily in the summer. Mostly about where we travel and things we see. I include a lot of photos with the text. OK, I admit that I post pictures of my exceptional grandsons occasionally. http://www.dinatamisovec.ocm

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    • A blog with beautiful Norway pictures. My country Sweden has beautiful nature, but I think our neighbor Norway has even more beautiful nature 🙂


    • I think so too. When I reached 100 I though that was a big number and still do. I’m only on wp so I don’t catch followers on other platforms.


  2. Felicidades por los 800 seguidores. Hoy soy una seguidora más a su blog. Mi sitio al que están todos invitados es http:// Desde España saludos a Suecia

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