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Nobel Prize

Today Sweden celebrates the Nobel Prize winners. You can read more about it here.

We do need those scientists who discovers great things that brings development to mankind and it’s great to give credit for thier work and achievements.

But the world would stop turning if you, my wp friends, didn’t do what you do so well here in our wp corner of the world.

I think you all deserve a prize for peace achievement and all kindness you’re spreading.

So, here’s to you. All bloggers award, especially for you and especially on this Nobel prize day.

May the good forces be with you all!



15 thoughts on “Nobel Prize”

    1. Congratulations and I hope he gets a good visit in Sweden. I saw him in the newspaper pictures saying cheers to our Princess Madeleine and Crownprincess Viktoria at the Nobel dinner event. You should be very proud of him. We have a Swedish scientist that got one of the prizes.

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            1. It is never to late. I understand the science work takes time and the results isn’t always easy to immediately understand or define. The work he did may show new answers in the future. So you never know 🙂

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            2. Maybe they do.
              I just remembered that a Swedish humor group did a Montreaux prize winner episode called The prize in the 80’s.
              I think you can watch it here:

              Don’t know if it’s still funny, but back then it was.

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