I’m in constant trouble with finding an organized and not so time consuming way of catching up reading your blogs.

Right now with lack of time I do it very randomly and often by clicking the likes notifications in wp app. It’s a pretty good way because I get to a section where I can read several of your posts without have to wait for uploading the webbversion of the blogs. I often have bad connection and reading blogs through wp app is then the fastest way.

But, I have no organization for which blogs I have read and when, which I have missed and so on.

Sometimes I read blogs through reader. I discovered that I can get several posts from one blog by clicking the blog image in the post that appears in the reader feed.

But there’s no organization in the reader either. I read randomly blogs I follow, but have no idea what I’ve missed.

I have over 800 followers and I followed most of you back. Of course I want to read your blogs, but the time is not enough I realize.

Though everytime I read your blogs I always find inspiration and things to learn, so I will continue trying to read as many blogs that I possibly can.

Do you have a smart reading/following system that you want to share with us, please let us know in the comments 🙂


Chasing time/Jakten på tid (julpris 100sek)