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How do you catch up?

I’m in constant trouble with finding an organized and not so time consuming way of catching up reading your blogs.

Right now with lack of time I do it very randomly and often by clicking the likes notifications in wp app. It’s a pretty good way because I get to a section where I can read several of your posts without have to wait for uploading the webbversion of the blogs. I often have bad connection and reading blogs through wp app is then the fastest way.

But, I have no organization for which blogs I have read and when, which I have missed and so on.

Sometimes I read blogs through reader. I discovered that I can get several posts from one blog by clicking the blog image in the post that appears in the reader feed.

But there’s no organization in the reader either. I read randomly blogs I follow, but have no idea what I’ve missed.

I have over 800 followers and I followed most of you back. Of course I want to read your blogs, but the time is not enough I realize.

Though everytime I read your blogs I always find inspiration and things to learn, so I will continue trying to read as many blogs that I possibly can.

Do you have a smart reading/following system that you want to share with us, please let us know in the comments 🙂


Chasing time/Jakten på tid (julpris 100sek)

30 thoughts on “How do you catch up?”

  1. I have the same problem. I just try to carve out a bit of time each day just to read others’ posts. I always feel like I’m behind though, and I’m sure I miss some great posts. Try not to stress it, we all just do what we can. 😊

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    1. I do exactly the same as you and I try not to feel stressed about not having time for reading all posts. I repost my posts sometimes and I noticed that many readers haven’t seen them before.

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          1. I’ve made so many that I’m sure there’s a bunch that’d be new to some folks. I may do the same thing sometimes in the future. Those earlier ones that only were seen by a few people, when I first started this. I don’t mind seeing yours again at all.

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  2. This is a question I have been asking myself as well and have come to the conclusion that perhaps I am just going to have to accept that I can’t read everybodies posts all the time and just simply do the best I can. But, if someone has figured it out, Please Share!!! :).

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  3. There is no way to read everyone oops
    I try to do the best I can
    I can’t keep up the way I use to
    I have tried not to post as much as I use to
    It’s all a work in progress

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    1. Yes, retirement helps sometimes. I turned my email notfications off when the blogs I follow list reached big numbers. To many emails and to little time to handle them. But email notifications are a good way to catch up blogs.

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  4. I was having this same problem, and relying on feedback in notifications, as you were, and like I did just now. I try to look at two or three articles when checking a “like” or a comment response from someone. That’s how I got to this post 🙂

    I knew I was missing entire sections of blogs. However, I got something out of one of the online courses this year, Blogging 101, so I will share it here, in case you need it. It’s something you can do in setting up your reader, to make sure you catch the ones that are the most important to you first, and then others as you have time.

    Here is the link to my post:

    Here are the instructions for how to do that in your own reader:

    Maybe this is old news now, but there it is anyway!


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        1. That’s a weird wp thing. I think it’s connected to the like of the comment. You can ignore it. I didn’t paste it. WP puts it there. Don’t know why. I don’t think it shows in the comment on your blog though. It only appears in notifications.


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