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No snow yet in Trosa

Trosa Västra Ågatan Frälsisbron

My town Trosa in Sweden can be very beautiful in wintertime. Like this. But we have no snow this year so far. Rain and darkness, that’s how Trosa looks like right now.

For this painting I used bee wax crayons. They makes strong colors and a glossy surface.

They dry much faster than oil colors so I like this crayons a lot. I don’t have to watch the paint drying for days and hours. 


23 thoughts on “No snow yet in Trosa”

    1. Yes it is. But I took a short walk in the rain this afternoon after work and with rain clothes on and mild temperatures it wasn’t so bad. I got some fresh air.

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  1. I like the picture, Anna. Is it cold there. We haven’t had any snow either and it has remained quite warm – sometimes double digits 12’C – 17″C. It’s a very strange winter so far.

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        1. Yes. They say we have Fall here still and that’s probably right. A very dark Fall. The winter maybe comes in January or February instead. Brrrrr….

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        1. Do you remember how the kids in Full house did when they locked their mouth? I’m doing that now. Not a word from me about this snow thing 🙂

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