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Comments mess

Some of your comments seems to disappear from the notification section in wp app, but I can sometimes find them in the comments section. Until recently I never check that section. I thought everything should show up in the notifications. But apparently not. So, now I try to remember to check the comments list too.

I don’t get why wp doesn’t fix an app that makes blogging more easy. The more time I have to spend administrate my blog, the less time I have to read your blogs! That’s not ok wp!

I’m sorry if I missed some of your comments. I didn’t mean to, I blame wp for not showing me your comments.



21 thoughts on “Comments mess”

  1. I think WP like trying our patience! I’ve had so many various problems but at least I now know how to contact them and they usually are quick to answer. I have spotted that some of my comments aren’t appearing on other blogs though so it seems a continual problem. Grrrrr….

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    1. Yes, but as long as I find the blogs I follow and can read them, I can’t complain that much. But it’s irritating when things don’t work out as they should 🙂

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