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Snow nostalgia


Trosa water tower Sweden
When I was a teen in the 80s, we only had two tv channels in Sweden, and my family didn’t have a VCR for a long time. The TV didn’t played music video that often and we had no access to the 80s MTV.

So, when the Wham Hit Last Christmas came we could hear it on the radio and if we were lucky, we caught the video on tv, once they played it. Then every Christmas we tried to keep our eyes open for some show that would play the video, that we thought was awesome.

Can you imagine that today, having just one chance to catch a video you want to se every year?

Can you imagine only two tv channels and nowhere else to find a favorite video?

This video is still a favorite but for different reasons than when I was young(er). I like the snow landscape, the friends-come-together-and-have-fun, the winter atmosphere and so on. I like the song too somehow, because it reminds me of how much I liked the song back then.

We didn’t have the unlimited access to different kind of music that we have today. We liked or disliked the hitlists music, that was what we had access to and if we were lucky we had some money to buy a whole record now and then.

So this video is for the snow and the winter,never mind the Christmas theme if you’re not into Christmas and just like snow 🙂


Wham Last Christmas

9 thoughts on “Snow nostalgia”

    1. I have no idea who the rest of the people are. I just recognize the two Wham members. The rest are probably extras.


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