Where does your money go?

Coop Konsum Trosa Sweden 2015

This painting is for me about how we make money priorities that in the first thought seems okay and absolutely clear. But when you think again you may look at it differently. I have no answers to this issue, just ongoing thoughts.

If you can’t read the Swedish words in the painting it’s alright, I think you get the picture anyway.

This is how it looks like, outside on of Trosas grocery stores.

Inside you can find lots of food and also lots of opportunities to bet money on games and lotteries if you have money to spend. That’s what the advertising signs says.

Outside there’s a wheelchair man with blankets, winter clothes and an almost empty coffee paper cup. He’s always very friendly and says “hej hej” to everyone who walks into the store and comes out of the store. If someone gives him money he say a very big thank you.

I’ve never got the idea of betting or lottery if it’s not about charity. Why throw money away on something that you don’t stand one bit of a chance to regain. Seriously, do you think gambling companies will give back your money to you?

If you read Daniel Kahnemans book about thinking fast and slow you will see that you always will loose in the long run if you gamble with your money.

Still people do that. A LOT! There’s an endless queue of people at the Game checkout. Why isn’t that queue at the man with the almost empty coffee paper cup?

Why can we throw our money away to big gambling companies who do not say thank you thank you thank you and throw kisses after you in gratefulness?

Why do we think that money to gambling companies will gives us more than to support someone who probably is trying to support a whole big family with the coins he gets from friendly people.

Why is giving money to a beggar not something we see as a chance to regaining our money? They don’t give you false promises or lead you to believe that one day they will give you back millions and millions of money. They just simply ask for a couple of coins when you pass by them.

Still the gambling business seems more reliable than a begging person for far too many people. Isn’t that weird?

I’m still thinking about this new phenomenon in our streets. The European poverty that shows up in the middle of welfare Sweden. We have to get this, one way or another. Is it okay to give money or not? I haven’t figured that out yet.

I just come to so far in my thoughts that our Swedish gambling company, owned by the state is not getting my money. They don’t need my money and I don’t buy their promises:)

About the begging man, well I have bought a magazine once of him. But that was long ago and now it’s Christmas. Hmmmmmmm….



30 comments on “Where does your money go?

  1. Anna, Great sentiments here and so true.
    In my home state people are the same- they want to win the lottery, so even the state has started printing lottery tickets and if there is a tale of a man who won a lottery, it is given the highest coverage in the local dailies.
    I liked the fact that you shared that the old man is so grateful for a few pennies.
    In my country, the government is always trying to ban beggars and beggary but no one wants to ban lotteries or any sort of gambling.
    Curious ?/

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    • It’s the same here. No one wants to ban gambling and lotteries, but some wants to ban begging as if the world poverty should go away with that!
      I never heard anyone gets addicted to giving money to people on the streets. But I know lots of people with huge gambling problems.
      We humans are weird.

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  2. Anna you are so right. I really wouldn’t want to win a lottery. It would change your life so much and I’m happy now. Governments have become so dependant upon our vices. You have to wonder if they care one iota about the people. If someone in a wheel chair has to beg for money there is something very wrong with our society.

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  3. What do I say? I say that any one who has taken even the most basic class in statistics knows the odds and yet people still do it. I had undergraduate class in statistics and two in graduate school. Do I gamble, no. I didn’t gamble even before studying statistics. I remember my grandfather saying how “A fool and his money are soon parted.”

    If you want to make charitable contributions, unfortunately you must do so carefully. There are many that would take advantage. There are reputable charities but do beware so that the contributions go where you intended.

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  4. Grandpa also had another quote (I believe it was from the late P.T. Barnum) “There is a sucker born every minute.” Giving is important to me. I want to make sure it goes where I intended it to.

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