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Kalle Anka på julafton

You probably have no idea what the headline says. But for Swedes this is a big Christmas event, or used to be in the 70-80’s, and still are for very many Christmas celebrating families.

In the 70-80’s we only had two TV channels and only three radio channels and in the bigger cities some cinemas. That’s was what we had for watching films and listen to music. No internet, no social media, no DVDs and MP3files, no Spotify or video and film play service. Just two TV channels that only broadcasted a liminted time of the day. And cartoons were only showed around Christmas time.

In the Christmas mornings TV showed Scooby Doo and that was awesome for both children and grown ups. On Christmas Eve at 15:00 the really big cartoon event of the year happened. TV showed a whole hour of Disney cartoons. It was magic and I can still remember that feeling from those years when we watched Kalle Anka, you call him Donald Duck. I always wondered how they were able to draw cartoons like that. I liked the stories too.

There was always the same scenes year after year, but that didn’t matter. It was awesome every time.

This is some of my favourites:


I like the idea of sitting under a tree and just breathe and enjoy life and nature.

Askungen (Cinderella)

Love when they make the dress. My grandmother was a seamstress and her mother too and my mother can also make dresses and me too, so watching the little ones make the dress is awesome.

Tomteverkstan (Santas place)

This is the real classic. Santas Christmas gifts making place. Wow, that was almost real for us kids.

Enjoy a bit of a Swedish Christmas, classic American Cartoons!



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