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Three Swedish Christmas popsongs

Here’s three Swedish popsongs that survived over the 80’s pop-era and became classics.

First one is kids singing about how they want a real Christmas like the ones kids have and they also ask Santa to get them the latest toys (that were hot in the 80’s like Donkey Kong, Pinball and drone).

Tomten jag vill ha en riktig jul – Busungarna – Video Dailymotion

Second song is about Christmas hysteria. The lyrics says normally I’m a moderate person, but when it comes to Christmas I’m all in for it. They sing “give me more Christmas” and enhancing all the adjectives to nouns Christmas, like snowyer snow for an example.

Mer Jul Adolphson Falk

The third song has become a Christmas standard song at St Lucys Day and for Christmas choirs. They sing about how to light a candle for peace and we should never stop hoping for a better world. They sing “it is dark now, but it’s getting lighter again”. That pretty much sums up the Swedish winter.

Tänd ett ljus Triad

I hope you enjoy the songs even if you don’t understand a word of what they’re singing. I was a teen in the 80’s and music was a big part of that age and almost the only things I remember specific from that age.

Merry music Christmas



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