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A Swedish Happy New Years Eve

“Same procedure as last year”

This phrase is almost as common as “Happy new year” in Sweden when it comes to new years eve.

Since the beginning of the 1970’s Swedish TV has showed the comedy sketch Dinner for one from 1963 on every New Years Eve.

You can watch it here:

Grevinnan och betjänten/Dinner for one

And read more about the comedy sketch here:

Dinner for One – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I wonder if they been visiting Jims wine rack and Swapnaskitchen or Whatsfordinnersmoms

Later in New Years Eve, TV has a big part again. Just before years end, one of our actors read Tennyson’s poem Ring out wild bells, in Swedish translation. The reading takes place at Skansen in Stockholm in front of a live audience.
You can watch and hear some of the classics reading here:
Jan Malmsjö

Georg Rydeberg

Anders de Wahl

When New Years Eve is over we have the ABBA song echoing in our minds. We’re melancholic and the song has survived over the years since late 80’s.

Happy new year ABBA

That’s pretty much Swedish New Years Eve celebration.

A bit of fun, a bit of serious poem and some Swedish 80’s music 😉

Happy New Year to you all! May we all meet again in the new year. I really like to hang out with you here on wp.



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