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-12 degree C/10,4 degree F

Winter landscape in Trosa archipelago is beautiful in coldness, but I think it’s far tooooo cold for me.
At this temperatures many people starting to look for sea ice to skate on. No ice by my place to skate on yet though, and I would never dare to go out on sea ice. I’ve seen how fast the ice can disappear when the winds coming in and I don’t like cold baths 🙂

But those who love skating long tours on ice in archipelago landscapes say it’s a magic feeling. I did a painting of the ice skaters couple of years ago.



14 thoughts on “-12 degree C/10,4 degree F”

  1. You captured the feeling of cold, Anna. I haven’t skatedon sea ice but we have skated on river ice and it is delightful. You can hear the rumble of the ice as you skate. We didn’t go far from shore.

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    1. The sound is what the skaters here talk about too. And the freedom feeling. They skate very far out from land to find the best ice. I wouldn’t dare that.

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      1. There was always a nice area fairly close to shore to skate on. Some people would venture to cross the Ottawa River to go the the Quebec side. You can hear the ice groaning as the water still moves at a fair speed under the ice.


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