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Too happy for the blues

Too happy for the blues

Loiuse Hoffsten and Lasse Englund

This song showed up in my head today.
Maybe I’m trying to spread some light in the dark coldness I’m looking at through my windows. I found a live version of the song on Youtube.

It’s a song by one of our great musicians, Louise Hoffsten. She’s the blues lady of Sweden. She struggles with MS, but with lots of will power she manage to continue her artist career and that’s great. If you google her, you will find that almost every song you hear is great. She sings in both Swedish and English and in different genres. She plays the harmonica very well too, if you find a video with here singing “The seduction of sweet Louise”.

You might have heard some of her songs in american tv series and films actually. I think that was in the 90’s.

I hope I soon get more time to actually make new posts with new drawings. I have long working days this time of year, so my drawing time is very limited.

Have a great Friday, mine is almost over, in a couple of hours it is nighttime.


7 thoughts on “Too happy for the blues”

      1. Exactly what time does it get dark where you are?
        I have to tell you I have no idea what time it is when you use the military time?
        I don’t know if it’s called that way. I only know this kind of time, one o clock-1:00 am/pm.
        There was a comment left by someone over at tooncestale’s that where the person is from, it gets dark at 3:00 in the afternoon!

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  1. Before winter solstice it’s get dark before 15:00, but now it’s getting dark around 15:30 something. In the summer it almost never gets dark or very late in the evening, like 23:00 or so. Ask again if that didn’t was the answer to your question 🙂


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