I try to get time to read as many posts as I can when I visit your blogs. Almost every post is interesting and worth reblogs.

I don’t reblog often, but when I do I want to turn comments off in the reblog post so the original writer of the post get the credit and appreciation in the original post instead of the reblogged post.

I asked wp support about this. They answers like this:


I reblog for showing a great post that some of you might have missed otherwise. I reblog for showing you where I get my inspiration from sometimes. I reblog for helping fellow bloggers to reach out to new readers.

I love comments, but I don’t think I deserve all friendly comments in a post I didn’t wrote. I think those comments belong to the writer.

I’m not a technical genious, I don’t get why wp can’t give us alternative to turn comments off. Can it be that hard to make it possible?

Happy blogging to you all!