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Comments in reblogged posts

I try to get time to read as many posts as I can when I visit your blogs. Almost every post is interesting and worth reblogs.

I don’t reblog often, but when I do I want to turn comments off in the reblog post so the original writer of the post get the credit and appreciation in the original post instead of the reblogged post.

I asked wp support about this. They answers like this:


I reblog for showing a great post that some of you might have missed otherwise. I reblog for showing you where I get my inspiration from sometimes. I reblog for helping fellow bloggers to reach out to new readers.

I love comments, but I don’t think I deserve all friendly comments in a post I didn’t wrote. I think those comments belong to the writer.

I’m not a technical genious, I don’t get why wp can’t give us alternative to turn comments off. Can it be that hard to make it possible?

Happy blogging to you all!



43 thoughts on “Comments in reblogged posts”

    1. I’ve seen it too, the reblogs without comments on, but I never found anything in the settings that gives me a clue how to do it.


  1. Once you have reblogged, go to edit the reblog in the main editor. There in the options down the left hand side, I believe there is an option to turn off comments for that post.
    I think!
    Hope that helps.
    Yes it means having to go back on yourself anyway, but still it would need to be done if you wanted to categorise or tag the post too!

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          1. I checked last night Anna, it’s definitely there, I think right at the bottom, there is a drop down that says other options or other settings. And turn off comments, and turn off likes is there 😊

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            1. Found it. I’ve only looked in the admin section under post, but when I went to the other section, don’t know what that called, but the beepboopbeep area, then I found the option to turn off comments. Thank you! You’re a better support than wp support in this issue!

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  2. I always turn off the comments on reblogs. The option is found on the “post” page over to the left , under other options. I have found that within the past year, so many readers do not take the time to visit the original and that’s frustrating, I posted a reblog and got nearly 90 likes, the original had 13. That’s not how I meant it to be. ❤

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        1. I found it. I’ve only searched in the admin section, but in the other section, I don’t know what the name is, I found the settings for each post.

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  3. I really ought to think about this considering that I reblog so often – when I do so I do reblog from the original source but that won’t prevent anyone from reblogging from me.

    Need to turn off reblog on that post??? Can that be done

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      1. Glad you managed to fathom it out, Anna, or that you had something original to say – ooops sorry that sounds rude. In the beginning I made all kinds of crazy errors and spent more timer fixing than posting that I left the blog alone for months.

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    1. Me neither. But with Ritus and some other wp friends in previous comments here I found the turn off comments function in the post settings. So it is possible to turn comments off in reblogged posts. Maybe I should tell wp support about that 🙂

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  4. Just to say Anna that is a beautiful thought and giving is much better than receiving you could try just saying on you reblog comment please leave all your comments on the original post thank you – worth a try regards Ian

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    1. Thanks. Wp support gave me the wrong answer. There’s a way to turn comments off in a post. Read Ritus comment if you want to know how. But one can also do as you say, tell readers to leave comments in original post. Thanks 🙂

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