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Trosa Stadshotell top ten in Sweden 2016

The site Tripadvisor has listed the best hotels in Sweden and Trosa Stadshotell is number ten on that list. You can read more here:

Trosa Stadshotell & Spa (Sweden) – Hotel Reviews – TripAdvisor

The hotel is one of Trosas most famous buildings. Artists have painted the building for many years and the hotel also played a big part in Sven Delblanc novels and tv serie Hedebyborna.

I too have painted Trosa Stadshotell many times. If you’re coming to Trosa sometime you will find a big yellow building in Trosa square. Then you have found Trosa Stadshotell.



painting sold as a wedding gift, hope they still are happily married
Stadshotellet during a rebuilding of the restaurant kitchen, the container tells
monotypi (sold)
Baderskan Trosa Stadshotell, annex to the hotel, used as art exhibition area sometimes (sold)
drawing of rebuilding Trosa square
Trosa square in a lego drawing
Trosa Stadshotell in cardboard
Trosa Stadshotell in December


27 thoughts on “Trosa Stadshotell top ten in Sweden 2016”

  1. Watch out, Anna, I think Thumbup is packing to go there. The painting is well done and it is nice that you show how it is situated it in the landscape. I think I could find it if I was there.

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    1. LOL. We could use a Thumbup here to lighten up our dark winter days. And yes, the hotel is very easy to spot if your in our town and everyone knows where it is.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Not only should the hotel use your work in their advertising but you should exhibit there especially when the tourists flock in! You are one of the local delights. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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