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Truesax 13 februari

I often say, start a painters group with some friends and start painting. But if you do not want to paint you might want to play an instrument.

Then you do what Truesax did twenty years ago in Trosa. Start a band and learn how to play. They picked up the saxophones and started to play when they saw how fun their kids had in the music school. Why just them?, they thought, we can learn how to play music too.

And so they did. They have played ever since that day and in February the 13th they give a consert in Trosa kvarn. If you’re in the neighbourhood it would be a good idea to go and listen to them. They’ve been playing in all kinds of places in Sweden and also in other countries.

If you want to read more about them you can visit thier website

It’s all in Swedish though 🙂

Even if you’re not in Sweden and Trosa when they play, you can think about that it’s never too late to learn new things in life. So whatever you always wished you learned more about, just do it, even if you think it’s too late. It is not!

Oh, I just remembered, I do have a drawing that fits this post!


seaweed shrimp/tångräka (for sale/till salu)




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