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Painting challenge

We did this challenge in our painter group Pink Bucket. And I thought I could share the challenge with you. The idea comes from Johan Hoflund on of the Pink Bucket members.

1.Choose a picture. A photograph or somthing else.

2.Paint a paper with watercolors, let dry, tear pieces and make an interpretation of the chosen picture by glueing the pieces on a paper.

3.Put the photgraph away.

4. Do a drawing or painting out of the teared pieces picture.

I did this teared paper pieces picture (from a photo that Johan Hoflund has taken at the west coast of Sweden)

I’m not done with 4. yet, but I’ll be back to show you the result.

Meanwhile you can do your own 1-4 challenge. If you want to share it with us wp friends, please tell in the comments where we can find your post. I reblog if I find it 🙂

Good luck with yor art making!


8 thoughts on “Painting challenge”

  1. It’s a great concept! I’m going to share this with my mom. She did the 30-day challenge with self portraits, and she’s ambidextrous, so it was great to see a real variety of outcomes.

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    1. Wow, what a challenge. I can understand that the result was interesting to see. I knew an artist in my youth that did a self portrait and the she watch the tv news and got back to her studio and did another self portrait. The first one show a happy face, the second far from happy.

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      1. That reminds of of the photographer who took before and after pictures of soldiers who were being sent to Iraq and Afghanistan. But that’s a huge gesture! The more subtle one is taking in the news, which most of us at least used to do daily. How downtrodden we must look when we are faced with a wall of unfiltered news.

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