I followed Thumbups “check this out message” in this post:

And guess what! I’m no angel, I’m like this:

“Lost in the dark corridors of your mind, you’re moderately psychopathic. You’ve always been unique and misunderstood by your peers. You were most likely bullied at some point by those that simply couldn’t appreciated your unique perspective on life. You sometimes live in a completely different reality and exhibit abnormal and anti-social behaviors. Let’s face it, sometimes you’re down right creepy. However, you’re only moderately psychopathic. You’re inner darkness is balanced out by your incredible intelligence and creativity. So, stop collecting dead stuff and make some art! You’ll be famous!”

That was a surprise. I know I’m no angel. But I just thought I was weird and uncommon, but this….no I didn’t expected that.

What do you think? Should I believe the result or should I keep laughing at the result?