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Trosa February 14th 2016

This Valentine’s Day, I give you all a Trosa walk in parts of my town that still gives peace and quiet walks and beautiful nature views. Have a great Sunday where ever you are.

Greetings from Trosa, Sweden



Trosa square
Trosa harbor west side
Tureholm bay with Snow-island/Tureholmsviken Snöholmen
Boats longing for Spring 🙂
Snöholmen/Snow island
Kustvägen/Coast street
Tureholm bay
Societetshuset/old party house for 1800 centrury high society
My interpretation of that house


32 thoughts on “Trosa February 14th 2016”

    1. Thanks, yes the Spring went away for a while again. I hope Spring comes back. The birds outside my window is getting ready for Spring. I take that as a good sign 🙂


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