I’m not making this up. We are actually over 900 followers on this blog now. Yes, I follow my own blog. I want to be like you, if you follow my blog, I want to follow it too 🙂

But we are over 900 without myself as a follower. This number 900 and more, I think I saw the number 906 last time I checked, is your doing, not mine.

Wp don’t give me any milestone for this, but I give myself a milestone for the 900 mark.

I’m not on any other social media place. Just here on wp with you my friends, I like it here, you are all so nice and it’s great talking to you through comments that you leave here and those I leave at your blogs. So, it is possible to reach 900 followers without help from other social media, I think that’s great!

The 900 number means time for a new meet & greet. Leave your blog link in the comments, check out other links in the comments and take the chance to visit each others blogs. You will find awesome blogs, I can almost promise you that. You don’t have to follow this blog to participate in the meet & greet, you are welcome as you are. If you don’t want to leave your own link, you can always tell us about other great blogs.

Before you leave a link, check this post out:

Check your links in your profile – Annas Art – FärgaregårdsAnna

Now, you are all set for the meet & greet!