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More winter pics from Trosa

Jim said in a comment “more pics!” so here’s some old winter photographs from Trosa taken a couple of years ago.



Tureholm castle Trosa Sweden
Did a painting of this view once


Tureholm castle, bee wax crayons (sold)
Tureholm fields Trosa Sweden
Västra Fän tennis court Trosa Sweden
Actually I did a painting out from this photo too 😉

Västra Fän tennis court, bee wax crayons

14 thoughts on “More winter pics from Trosa”

    1. Thank you. When I paint landscapes I often take off from a picture and move on in my own interpretartions, but these paintings are pretty close to the photos.


    1. Thank you, but I want Spring now. If the snow’s gonna stay I want Christmas holidays again. Now it looks more like Christmas than it did at Christmas time 🙂

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