Today I will try to have a painting day. That means I will try to prioritize artmaking and not think about the must do things. I will try to have a Me day.

I say try, because very often when I have this painting and Me days in mind something else comes in the way for my plans. 

But this week I have devoted six days most of my awake time to help other people, so I think I’m allowed to have the rest of the week, that is one day left, for myself and what I want to do.

No one but myself see to that I get some restore energy time. Everyone else seems to believe I always have time for them and that I have endless of energy to give them. But I don’t. I need my Me days to find energy to continue helping others. 

After several sixday workweeks I feel I relly need a Me day right now. 

So artmaking – here I come!

I hope you all will have a great day!


Did this drawing last Summer and the painting in the drawing turned out like this

Old car caravan in Västra Långgatan Trosa Sweden