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Painting day!

Today I will try to have a painting day. That means I will try to prioritize artmaking and not think about the must do things. I will try to have a Me day.

I say try, because very often when I have this painting and Me days in mind something else comes in the way for my plans. 

But this week I have devoted six days most of my awake time to help other people, so I think I’m allowed to have the rest of the week, that is one day left, for myself and what I want to do.

No one but myself see to that I get some restore energy time. Everyone else seems to believe I always have time for them and that I have endless of energy to give them. But I don’t. I need my Me days to find energy to continue helping others. 

After several sixday workweeks I feel I relly need a Me day right now. 

So artmaking – here I come!

I hope you all will have a great day!


Did this drawing last Summer and the painting in the drawing turned out like this

Old car caravan in Västra Långgatan Trosa Sweden

13 thoughts on “Painting day!”

  1. I’m with ya’ on these kinds of days. Life can certainly take over and prevent peace and enjoyment of those things we do just for ourselves. I love this painting, by the way. The saturation and color combo is terrific! 😃

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  2. Känner igen mig – som det var när jag fortfarande arbetade. Som sjukpensionär är friheten både större och mindre. Mindre dagar då smärtan tar överhand större dagar då jag KAN göra det jag vill, ja, kanske inte riktigt allt – men som att blogga och läsa och titta på vackra konst- och fotobloggar som FärgaregårdsAnnas…

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    1. Tack! Hoppas att du slipper allt för många smärtdagar och får lite “ledigt” från dem. Konst är friskvård för själen brukar jag säga 🙂

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        1. Thanks, it’s a great weekend. It’s almost over but it has been great. Hope you have a great weekend too 🙂


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