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Snowy, sunny,snowy,cloudy,sunny…

…day in Trosa Sweden.

The weather just can’t make up its mind. Somedays are like this:

Snowy all of a sudden

Then a little sun comes around early in the morning

And after that some snowing again

Finally sun’s coming back ☀️

How’s your days?



29 thoughts on “Snowy, sunny,snowy,cloudy,sunny…”

  1. We had some serious snow on Saturday about 5 – 10 cm high and on Sunday and today we had the most beautiful spring weather with more than 10°C.
    Downside of it is that this comes from a warm wind (Föhn) that is coming over the Alps from Italy and brings the most awful headaches. So I had some nice days on pain killers 😉

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    1. Oh, the pain weather can bring…
      Nice with such warm temperatures. Here we have both minus and some few plus degree C in the days. Weird weather 🙂


  2. En España tenemos hoy un fenómeno atmosférico: parece que esta nublado, pero se trata de arena. Nuestro invierno esta siendo inusual mente cálido. Nos acercamos ya a la primavera😊😊😊 Bsss a Anna y Suecia

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    1. fenómenos meteorológicos interesantes. Muchos suecos que viven en España durante el invierno sueco para escapar del frío aquí en Suecia.


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