Not even the dead fish follow the stream!

Found this little dead fellow outside my house this afternoon when I came home.

It’s not a fly fish, and it doesn’t have legs. In Swedish legs and bones are the same word, so in Swedish I can write the fish doesn’t have legs, so he must have come to my porch with help.
I would guess on herons if the fish were found swimming in the Trosa river near my house. If some fishermen along the river have catched the fish and throwed it away, then some other bird can have taken it and then dropped it where I found it.

It could also be a bird that got disturbed and therefore left the meal.

If the seagulls where here already it have been them feeding their kids, but they haven’t made it here yet. Still to early in the season for them.

The fish will probably be gone tomorrow. There’s lots of hungry animals around here. Both in sky and on the ground.

So this fish doesn’t follow the stream, but are dead anyway. What should I think about that? I don’t know yet.

Have a great weekend!

My weekend is two days long this week. It’s wonderful!




15 comments on “Not even the dead fish follow the stream!

    • No and certainly not in February! But I live near Trosaån, that runs through the town. So it’s not surprising either, but it don’t happen very often. In Spring time around May and June we have seagulls and their kids in the middle of town. Then you can find little fishes everywhere on the streets. The parents feed their kids and the kids don’t eat all at once.

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