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Where the whales have ceased to sing

Many of you may know the name Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus from ABBA, but have you heard of an album named Shapes, they made in the in the 1993 with a Swedish, then 24 years young, singer Josefin Nilsson?

If you haven’t heard that album I can recommend you do that if you want to hear traces of ABBA popsound, beautiful Björn Ulvaeus lyrics, great Josefin Nilsson singing and Benny Anderssons always beautiful harmonies.

It’s a very sad reason I come to remember this album. The, today 46 year young, singer Josefin Nilsson suddenly passed away, I read in the paper this morning. They don’t know what happened yet, more than it may be some kind of surgery consequence, or at least that’s the theory right know.

I really like the album Shapes. But after that album I lost track of her career. Or maybe her direction of the career didn’t went along with what I listen too the years after Shapes.

I actually have interviewed her in the 1990’s when she and her sister and two friends in the group Ainbusk Singers, had a sketch and song show in Stockholm Finnboda varv, a closed down shipbuildning yard. They integrated a traverse in their show and that was cool seeing a young Josefin Nilsson “flying” with a traverse.

At the time I worked on a local radio station just outside Trosa and I often went up to Stockholm to do interviews and go to the theatres to report back to our radio audience.

All I remember from the interview was that I thought this four young girls (but older than me) from The Swedish island Gotland were cool and brave for making their music interest to something they could do for a living.

I didn’t know at all what I would do or wanted to do in my life. I was just scared or unsecure of most things. I hadn’t figured out how to express my art soul back then, at all. That’s another story I maybe tell some other time.

But, Josefin Nilsson in the 1990’s version and her too soon exit from this world, she’s only one year older than me, made me once again realize that life is to short to put on hold.


But also


Here’s some of my favourite Shapes tracks. Id f you find the album and are ABBA fans you should listen to the whole album.

Where The Whales Have Ceased To Sing. (official promo) JOSEFIN NILSSON – YouTube

It is a beautiful filmstory in this video.

The Film I’d Like To See – Josefin Nilsson – Shapes – ABBA – YouTube


And some Swedish songs. The first is a duett of Always on my mind with Swedish lyrics. Sad thing: both Totta Näslund and Josefin Nilsson are gone, but their voices will stay with us for a long time.

Josefin Nilsson Totta Näslund – Alltid inom mig – YouTube

Second, the big hit in Sweden in the 1990’s. A song written by Benny Andersson (ABBA) and Josefins sister Marie Nilsson. In this video you can read a English translation of the song. The Swedish title means “love me (for what I am)

Ainbusk (Josefin Nilsson) : Älska mig ( Benny – ABBA) Eng. Subs – YouTube

In this music examples you will hear much of our Swedish melancholy expressed in music.

Enjoy the music and enjoy yourself being alive!


This is a painting with rauks from Gotland. Time stand still, I call the painting.

time stand still/tiden står stilla (500sek)

13 thoughts on “Where the whales have ceased to sing”

  1. Somehow I must have missed this post, Anna. I came across it when searching Gotland in the Reader. As an Abba fan, I was interested in this album. I love Benny and Björn’s Lycka album, and the BAO tracks. I tried to listen to the Whales track but couldn’t hear the audio, so I went over to YouTube and watched the video. Loved the track. I will see if the album is on Spotify. Sad to hear of the singer’s death, like you I relate her age to my own-forty five this year. R.I.P

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope you find the album. Shapes is the name of it. It was the first pop album B&B did since their Gemini project in the 80’s after the Abba split. That’s also an album worth listening to if you’re an Abba fan. I have a post called Have mercy on my blog somewhere with Benny playing piano and the group Gemini sings.


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