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First Sunday in March – TVday!

I don’t watch tv that much, I make art instead. But there’s one day on tv I don’t wanna miss. That’s the first Sunday in March every year.

Then it’s time for the ski classics race Vasaloppet.

Thousands and thousands of people, both professional skiers and amateurs are participating in a long ski race from Sälen to Mora in Sweden.

I will never put on skies and participate in the race, but I always participate by watching the race on tv. It’s such a nice day they’re having up there in Dalarna

The race is going on all day, but when the winners have hit the finishline the tv session is over, but it takes them about my very long breafast, teabreak and lunchtime or more to make it to Mora.

The start is fantastic to see. The sound, the energy, the release of thousands of skiers with great expectations in a Swedish winter morning in Sälen. It’s the start you see in the picture.

I want to do some art of this ski event, but I haven’t come to that yet, but every year when I watch the race I remind myself of doing a painting capturing the race.

Soon it’s VasaloppsSunday!


19 thoughts on “First Sunday in March – TVday!”

  1. It’s always very interesting and fascinating what is held in high regards in other countries because it always looks so much more entertaining and beautifully well done than over here to me. Perhaps because , like you, I really don’t watch TV much with VERY few exceptions. I will have to try and see if I can find a way to watch this as Sunday TV here is BORRRRRRRRRRRING! lol.

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    1. We have something called SvtWorld. I have no idea how to find the channel, but at it might be information about that. They broadcast Vasaloppet, but it might be in Swedish. SvtWorld is a Swedish television channel for Swedes abroad. But there’s a lot of non Swedes in the race, so some foreign channel maybe broadcast the race too.

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