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I see light!

Trosa roofs an evening in March

It’s almost hard to believe, but I see light!

We are getting longer days now and that feels great. Still in six o clock in the evening it is almost daylight outside or at least not dark.

And when it is time to go to work it is also daylight out there. Spring is on its way!

Many of you share the thought of the day. I really like reading about such thoughts, so keep writing them.

My thought of the day is:

Why do people bother to be mean to each other
when it’s so much easier being nice and friendly?

It take so much more energy to be mean to people
than to be nice (and I dont talk about incurable idiots here)

I discover everyday how much I get in return by just being nice to people I talk to. The talks is much easier, the ideas flowing, the atmosphere is light and everybody seems to be giving more than taking.

I dont think mean persons feeling good ever, even if they look like that when being mean to someone.
The pain they carry inside will eat them up and take them further away from truly feeling good.
They will never experience the feeling of sharing by being truly nice. Thats sad in a way.

Being nice and get niceness in return is good for your soul and your creativity. Try that and you will see how easy it is when you learn it is easy.

Why do I write that last sentence to you, my wp friends?

You are all very nice, so you already know all this!

Have a great day 😉


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