Dear Mother Earth

I hope you will get a great new year.
I hope me an all other humans realize that we should take care of you as you were a new born baby.

You don’t need us, but we sure need you.

I’m sorry for us humans, being so infinitely stupid. We hurt you constantly and thinks it doesn’t matter.

You already shown us in about millions of ways that we’re doing wrong, but still we don’t get it.

I do hope we someday get that we can’t hurt you anymore. If we do, we will distinguish ourselves.

I know you can manage a life on your own, but we, humans, we can’t do that. We need you to survive.

I hope you will see a new side of human beings. The caring side we all are able to choose, but forget too many times when it comes to taking care of you.

I hope you will regain trust for mankind if we manage to prove that we can change our way of living.

I hope I don’t have to write this to you next year. Then I wanna write “we did it!” instead of this.

I wish you a happy new year!



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