Love maps!

Take a look at this map. I did a screenshot from my 2015 stats. Visitors from 99 countries did this beautiful colored map. Thank you all for that!

countrystats 2015 map

I thinks it’s amazing that we can reach almost all over the world with our words and images. And to that, we can actually write and talk to each other about what we write and photograph and paints and draws.

I can not understand why the world still are in so many wars, when we can be so friendly to each othter instead. We should be able to share and care with this connection possibilities in so many more ways.

We invent smart things, but we don´t use them in smart ways!

Have a great day and keep blogging, it´s a forever ongoing peace project I think.


47 thoughts on “Love maps!”

    1. Thanks. Theme is called Dyad. I think it is a nice one that suits my content. I did some cleaning up when I changed theme today. Old links that didn’t work e t c.

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  1. That is exactly right. I’m holed up in my English home, enjoying stories and poems and photographs and traditions from cultures from all over the world. (And I have a soft spot for Swedes 🙂 )
    Social media has made neighbours of us all. Let’s try and be good neighbours.

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    1. I totally agree with you. Lots of Swedes like English, so maybe we have something in common way back in history that still makes traces all the way to our time 🙂


      1. Yeah you Vikings robbed our churches-I’m joking!!!! Please, don’t set Thor on me 🙂 I love Stockholm (planning to visit Malmö next, and Stockholm featured in my book), read a lot of Scandinavain fiction, and love many Swedish musical artists and groups. Your folk punch well above their weight in the arts. I know musically in terms of volume you are third behind America and UK, which in terms of population is phenomenal. I like your attitude towards the natural world. So I’m a fan-forgive my Viking jibe 🙂

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        1. Our Viking history is not something to be proud of as a Swede. But we got our share of robbing and burning from the russians in the 1700’s. All countries probably have both sides of that in different centuries. Yes we have a music export to be proud of. I’m glad you found some of the Swedish music 🙂

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          1. Yes that is true. And my throwaway comment was just a jest. I think you should be proud of your Viking heritage. The raiding is just one small part, which was a product of the time. Viking, Roman, Celtic, none of them lived out of context. The Vikings had great art, mythology, sagas, etc. Mastery of the seas. Nothing to be ashamed of. And centuries later you conquered us again with Abba 🙂

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            1. Oh yes! Those were the ABBA days. I was young and my friends an I were Frida and Agneta with jumping ropes as microphones 🙂

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            2. Yes, they were unfair treated many times in that era, but they won in the end. Their music is forever in our minds and I still love the music.

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            3. I left the link in the previous answer. If you don’t see the link, search on my blog for “when all is said and done” then I hope you find it.


  2. isn’t that interesting how in this day and age we can reach out and touch someone across the globe so easily? I find it fascinating. “pling”

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    1. I totally agree, it’s awesome! And there’s so much nice people out there, I never get tired. When I’m around people I.R.L. I get tired fast when they talk talk talk, but here on wp, I like it 🙂 “pling”


  3. It’s pretty cool to look back on a month and see how many visits came from a place like, say, Sweden at the rate of about one a day. Someone from Sweden has been visiting me approximately every day of the week, which is quite endearing. 💗

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  4. I can’t find the map in my WP blog anymore, and never could find the widget or app that shows where people visit from. Oh well, at least I know that I have visitors from all over the world, because I read blogs from people all over the world!

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    1. I don’t find it in the app. I use to find it in wp admin-site stat-and something like insights or something. I can’t find it on my ipad and I haven’t my computer available, but I will check it out and I tell you if I find it again:)

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