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Painting and drawing competition -bottles

Look at this beautiful painting, leave comments in the original post.
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Br Andrew's Muses

bottles Water Soluble Oil Pastel and Water Colour Pencil on Aged/yellowed sketching Paper

There are two more versions of this, both on the yellowed paper I happened to discover while I was clearing out under the bed – where everything is stored for ‘later’ – in its case – very much later. I decided to use it as in the old old days it was all there was available for the ordinary amatuer artist to use before all the Artist Speciality outlets became commonplace. This paper might be 10+ years old??

Due to hospital visits and a funeral we needed to attend Jessica and I have missed most of our Acrylic Classess this year because just everything seems to happen on a Wednesday.

Those Wednesdays are also competing with our Woodturning because the Shed is open then too, I think the good Lord might have taken longer to Create…

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